One Ton Broadhead

Luckily for me, my first 2 years of college I attend Montana State University which is located in Bozeman, Mt. I was lucky because everyone there did the same stuff as me and if they didn’t they wanted to learn. My freshman year I started dating a guy that participated in a Fraternity. Now you may think, oh man Sarah really?! Well, another thing you need to know about MSU is the fraternities aren’t like most fraternities. I would categorize this frat as cult of country boys.The boys were from all different areas of the united states mostly north California and Pennsylvania. All of them had explained to me they had hunted before and some only waterfowl but the others seemed to know what they were talking about.These boys ended up being my family while I was there  and we fished all summer and hunted throughout the fall.

Sophomore year was my first hunting season with the boys and I will never forget it. On a Saturday morning I  was extremely upset that the boys got to go out on opening morning of archery season and I stayed home to study.   As I sat there sad for myself, I decided to clear my mind and go for quick run. As I ran down a busy road I knew well, I saw a truck being towed with the front end smashed in. I thought to myself I recognize that truck… it could be one of the boys trucks but I wasn’t positive. As I got home from my run, I checked my phone to find multiple calls and texts. The boys were home and they had got a deer.

I had a feeling I should head over to the fraternity house and see this deer they had harvested. As I arrived that truck I saw being towed was in the parking lot and an antler was stuck in the smashed front end. I walked around to the side of the house where I found the boys with what was left of the deer. (Now in Montana if you hit an animal with a vehicle you can obtain a salvage tag and use the edible meat). The boys had a small buck run into the front end of the truck on the way to their hunting spot.

As they stared at the deer, I asked  “do you want me to clean it for you?”…. Being offended they said “ No, no we got it”. I snickered and went into the frat house knowing quite well they were going to have a hard time. Not 2 minutes later I hear “ Sarah!!!!!!!!”  I walked back out to find the boys had started cleaning the deer and (to leave out the disgusting details) completely hacked at this deer. Now at this point I was just amazed that it could any worse than when it got hit by the truck. So I sighed and said “give me the knife and move over”. I smiled at the fact that they needed me and I was showing them that all this time I knew what I was talking about. With their help, I showed them the proper field dressing technique (with what was left of the poor creature), skinning of the deer plus butchering the usable pieces of meat. By this time it was in the afternoon and we were all hungry, I went into the house, made some coffee, cooked some eggs, bacon and some very tenderized deer back strap. As we sat there eating the boys joked about their manhood and how I was always welcome to come hunting with them. Later on after the truck was repaired and it became the hunting rig or what we liked to call the “one ton broadhead”                                                                                                  IMG_2221

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