The Bear Diet

           In the previous bear story, I explained my reaction to my first bear encounter. Which would be most people’s reaction. “They WILL eat you”. Well actually, the national annual average for fatal bear attacks in the US is 3. Yes, you are more like to get killed by a dog…

Flathead Lake Monster

The short story and video of my 34in lake trout from last summer on Flathead Lake.

Firsts for my Best Friend

                  I would say I have three best friends, but for this blog post I am going to talk about one in particularly. My freshman year of college I walked into a 300+ person lecture hall and out of those 300 I didn’t know a single person….

The Como Curse

On our Lake Powell trip in 2014 I started saying “we don’t have vacations we have adventures”. To this day it’s true, something always happens that was not planned. Sometimes it comes to down to life and death, but only sometimes… I seriously wonder if other people have these experiences, or if it is just…